Building small businesses


There is an obsession with startups.

People love the idea that they have a chance to make it big by getting in early.

Most startups fail. So many in fact, that you can almost generalize to "all startups fail".

A lot of people have decent ideas but aim too high, they want to rule the world - with their startup.

What if people didn't give a shit about revolutionizing existing spaces?

What if they were satisfied with carving out a small space inside of a larger market? What if they were satisfied delivering a good product to a smaller group of like-minded people?

I don't want to run a large company - for too many reasons to list. Perhaps at the top of that list is "I don't want to compromise on my ideals".

Here are some anti-startup culture ideas:

  • avoid building new features, improve existing features
  • build software on an "upfront onetime payment" model, use this to incentivize the above
  • build things from the ground up - we love what we do, we are artisans and craftsman

These ideas are bad if you live in the startup world. They won't grow the business at 10x or even 1.01x. But I think they may make the people building the software happier and perhaps even the people using the software.